You probably already know. The healthcare system is broken.

Chronic disease is on a rampage: 1 out of 2 within the United States and around the world. Seven of the top 10 causes of death are chronic diseases.

According to the CDC, two of these chronic diseases—heart disease and cancer—together account for 48% of all deaths.

National healthcare expenditures account for an unprecedented 17.5% of gross domestic product.

That’s our current collective story. But then there’s all of us. We each have our intimate stories of struggle with various illnesses and chronic issues. (And if not us, then someone close to us.)

Millions of us have become disillusioned by the medical system. We are becoming empowered to find solutions for ourselves and our families.

We are beginning to understand the overwhelming toxicity of modern life and how these harmful influences are affecting our bodies and minds.

Why Revived?

Imagine a world where our environments are life-supporting, encouraging healthy rest, healing, and detoxification.  Where individuals are energetically thriving, supported by their environments instead of attacked by them.

Our mission at Revived is to provide education on how we’re being assaulted by our environment and offer effective means of mitigating these negative influences.

No matter what you’re suffering from, you’re not alone. And there are solutions.

But Revived isn’t just about addressing illness. We want to be empowered to cultivate supporting environments that enable us to revitalize our energy and truly thrive.

What is the Revived Philosophy?

Revived is a philosophy based on the idea that to thrive in the present we must reconnect with the past.

The Revived philosophy is consistent with the theory of epigenetics that suggests our immediate environment dictates and/or influences much of our biology.

By mimicking the ways of our ancestors and integrating these elements into modern life, we put ourselves back in alignment with nature’s rhythms.

We believe the solutions are simple:

  1. Remove or mitigate as much of the harmful influences of our environment as we can (for example, pesticides, genetically-modified foods and clothing, synthetic materials in our beds and carpets)
  2. Where possible, replace these influences with life-supporting alternatives (for example, eating organic foods and wearing organic clothing)
  3. Reintegrate with nature to bring our body, mind, and spirit back online (for example, walking barefoot on the Earth)

Our mission at Revived is to empower humanity to create sanctuaries for individuals, families, and communities that allow us to thrive, create, and become.