Heal While You Sleep With Earthing Sheets

Are you having trouble getting a full night’s rest?

Are you struggling with a chronic illness or pain?

If so, read on. This article is going to offer a surprisingly simple solution you can try right away.

The History of the Bed

The Egyptian pharaohs and their cohort were the first humans to sleep on raised beds.

Just like the first high-heel shoes were worn by royalty, sleeping at a level disconnected from the earth was a trend set by a single class of people.

And this trend led to the ubiquity of raised beds—the farther off the ground, the “better.”

What do raised beds have to do with chronic diseases?

To answer this question, we first need to understand what chronic illnesses are.

The Source of Chronic Illness

About half of the world’s population suffer from a chronic disease.

Medical science is beginning to understand that a primary cause of chronic illness is inflammation.

Inflammation is a biological response to harmful stimuli like pathogens, environmental irritants, and damaged cells.

Inflammation is the body’s attempt to remove internal threats and facilitate healing.

The immune system deploys free radicals when inflammation sets in.

But when inflammation becomes chronic, we have a host of problems.

These electron-hungry molecules swarm around the area of inflammation, feeding not just on pathogens and damaged tissue (the bad guys), but on healthy cells too.

This results in a deficiency of electrons.

As Clint Ober and the other authors of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever explain, electron deficiency is chronic inflammation.

And this inflammation is the precursor to virtually every known disease.

With chronic inflammation, our bodies become starved for negatively-charged electrons.

And like in a good drama, the solution to the problem is right in front of the protagonist (us)—if only we can look down and notice it.

The Science of Earthing

Earthing is the process of connecting your skin directly to the Earth.

The theory behind why earthing works comes down to the fact that negatively-charged free electrons flood the Earth.

Oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and lightning create these particles (sometimes called negative ions).

Did you know that lightning strikes the Earth’s 100 times every single second?

The Earth is like a big, round battery, getting recharged with negative electrons thousands of times per minute.

How to Eliminate Chronic Inflammation

Humans used to walk barefoot on the Earth. We also used to sleep directly on the ground, or on natural materials like grass, straw, or animal skins.

Evidence suggests that earlier humans were far stronger, taller, and with larger brains. We have to wonder if chronic illness even existed back then.

Could the solution to our electron deficiency simply be to ground ourselves and reconnect with the Earth?

The Earth has an unending supply of these vital electrons in the Earth.

But our rubber soled shoes are insulating us from these electrons. It’s why we feel so much more relaxed when we’re walking barefoot on the beach!

So walking barefoot is one solution to this electron deficiency. Wearing earthing shoes is another.

But What About While We Sleep?

Sleeping is one of the primary ways our bodies mitigate internal threats. But now, we’re attacked by excessive pathogens even when we sleep.

Most of our modern environments fuel our inflammation.

Harmful electromagnetic frequencies from many of our electronic devices, smart meters, and power lines bombard us while we sleep.

Thankfully, there’s a new solution to this modern problem: earthing sheets.

What Are Earthing Sheets?

Earthing sheets are regular bedding sheets with a conductive material woven through them.

This conductive material connects to a wire  you plug into the grounding port on a standard electrical outlet (it’s the third prong; that semi-circular hole beneath the other two prongs).

fitted earthing sheet

How Do These Sheets Work?

Every household outlet has a ground wire that connects the electricity in the house to the ground outside.

In case there’s a short circuit, the ground absorbs the electrical current via the grounding wire.

Without a ground wire, your body touching the device (electrical box, appliance, power tool, etc.) may complete the ground path, resulting in a shock, if not an electrocution.

By grounding your bedding to this grounding wire, you’re theoretically grounding yourself to the Earth, allowing electrons to scavenge your excessive free radicals.

Instead of absorbing additional inflammation from electromagnetic radiation while you sleep, now you’re neutralizing this inflammation by introducing new electrons into your body.

Do Earthing Sheets Work?

Here are the results of a preliminary study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Dr. Maurice Ghaly found that participants who slept with a grounding pad showed a reduction in cortisol levels (a hormone associated with stress).

Ghaly and his team also found that participants’ circadian rhythm began to normalize.

Participants also reported improved sleep and reduced pain and stress.

How To Use Grounding Sheets

Using earthing sheets is easy. Simply make sure your bare skin is touching the grounding sheet.

You can purchase fitted sheets, a flat sheet, or even a half sheet. You don’t need all of them; one grounding sheet is sufficient to ground yourself.

You also need to test your outlet to ensure that it’s grounding. An outlet checker often comes with your earthing sheets.

Where To Get Earthing Bed Sheets

I recommend purchasing your earthing sheets from the Earthing brand.

They offer 100-percent cotton sheets made with conductive silver threads. Apparently, in total, each sheet contains nearly a ⅓ mile of silver!

Beware: Since Earthing products have gained popularity, some knock-off products have entered the market.

While some of them may be cheaper, these companies offer less transparency.

For example, one brand called Tylson offers a grounding recovery bag but doesn’t list the materials used in the product.

Most likely, it is made of polyester, which is a toxic material that can further disrupt your sleep patterns.

Earthing.com offers fitted grounding sheets that fit most mattresses. They offer “half sheets” too.

earthing half sheet


Earthing Sheets Reviews

One Amazon Reviewer wrote about the Earthing fitted sheets:

“We are completely sold on earthing sheets! We are on our second one–they are holding up well for us. We have bought one each for two of our grown children who have sleep problems, fatigue, and allergies. They just got them so I’ll try to come back and give an update. We have convinced 4 different friend and family households to try the earthing sheets, pads, throw and bands. All 4 have continued to use the products with gratitude. They have reported improved sleep, more daytime energy and significant lowering of chronic pain levels. I don’t think we are imagining this… I’m hopeful that our skeptical children will have similar experiences.”

Another review said:

“Sleeping on this earthing sheet has improved my sleep. I fall asleep fast and wake up after less sleep and feel more refreshed. I love sleeping on this!”

How to Care for Your Grounding Sheets

On Amazon, you’ll find a few negative comments about these sheets. Special care is required to maintain conductivity.

Wash in a washing machine with warm or hot water. Use a mild laundry detergent, or none at all (none is better). Line dry or tumble dry on low.

Bleach, lotions, and oils can tarnish the silver, reducing the conductivity. Fabric softeners build up on the silver, also ruining its conductive properties.

So, avoid washing with bleach or fabric softeners (including in the dryer). Don’t whitening detergents or oils like lavender or coconut oil.

Note: Most eco-friendly detergents contain oils that will interfere with the conductivity of the silver threads.

If you apply lotion to your skin before bed, try to wait an hour before getting into bed.

The Best Deal I’ve Found

The least expensive option is to start with a half sheet. A half sheet is like a flat sheet you lay over your fitted sheets, only half the length. As long as you’re making direct skin contact with the sheet as you sleep, it should work.

You can buy Earthing’s half sheet on Amazon. (These are the sheets we have in our home.)

Also, a new company called Moove is also offering a 100% cotton, silver-threaded half sheet. At present, Amazon is discounting these sheets, so the price is slightly cheaper than Earthing. (But note: I don’t think they come with an outlet tester, which is important.)

Have you tried earthing sheets? Share your experiences below …

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