What is Earthing?

“Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air, and to eat and sleep with the earth.”

–  Walt Whitman

So if you haven’t heard about earthing yet, here’s the deal: our feet are designed to make contact with the ground when we walk.

Some people call it “earthing.” Other people call it “grounding.” Regardless, when we maintain a physical connection to the Earth, we feel better.

When your body is in direct contact with the Earth, it floods with negatively-charged free electrons.

These electrons equalize to the same level as the Earth thereby scavenging free radicals.

The end result is a reduction in inflammation that leads to chronic illness, pain, and disease.

The Benefits of Earthing

Initial research suggests that earthing:

These studies are all encouraging, but you don’t need external scientific evidence.

Can you recall that relaxing feeling of walking on a beach?

Your mind is calmer. It’s easier to stay present. In those moments, you’re releasing free radicals into the Earth.

Well, it turns out you get similar benefits walking barefoot on grass, dirt, and even concrete.

Earthing Today

But we’re modern folks. We can be barefoot much of the day. Now, however, we don’t need to be. We can wear earthing shoes and use earthing products!

According to the authors of Earthing, these grounding products provide the same benefits while we’re indoors.

What is Earthing – FAQ

How can I start earthing right now?

The answer is simple: find a safe place to walk around barefoot. Places include your backyard, a park, a beach, or a forest. Take off your shoes and socks. And walk or stand barefoot for about 20 minutes. That’s it!

Where shouldn’t I go earthing?

Our feet are highly absorbent so you want to make sure you’re not walking on any harmful substances that your body will absorb. Avoid walking on grass that’s sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. How can you tell? If there are no weeds, avoid walking on it. Avoid walking on asphalt, but cement is okay. Be careful around dog and other animal feces as there’s often parasites (worms) around them.

What will I feel?

Do you know that calming feeling of walking on the beach? That’s the feeling. However, if you’re not earthing at the beach, the feeling may not be as pronounced. If you tune into the sensations in your feet and throughout your body, you may notice a tingling or pulsation. But you’ll receive the benefits of earthing regardless of what you’re able to feel.

How else can I go earthing?

The key is to have your skin in direct contact with the Earth. You can roll around on the ground (kids and dogs master this method ;-). You can garden without gloves. You can hug a tree or keep your bare back to one. (Don’t worry, we won’t call you a tree hugger.) Or, you can simply lay down on the Earth: dirt, sand, grass, etc.

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